Laptop Buying Guide 2014

The advice offered on this website is intended for adults who have not kept up with the changes in the computer industry.  You might be shopping for a laptop for yourself or some member of your family.  I hope to provide the exact advice you are looking for without creating too much confusion.  Unfortunately there is a lot of industry jargon and terminology that can be quite confusing.  I will try my best to help make sense of it all.

All of the advice on this website comes directly from one person, me.  I am a computer technician.  I have been servicing computers for about twenty years.  I can’t count how many laptops I have personally repaired over the years.  It has been too many. My advice about laptops is all biased based on my experiences repairing computers over the years.

For the majority of those twenty years, I have also consulted with small business owners about what type of computer equipment is ideal for their scenario.

I offer my background so that you have some idea of where my advice is coming from.  It seems that those people who know me and know how long I have been doing this tend to trust my opinions.

What kinds of advice and information about laptops can you expect to see here?

I intend to cover a few major questions that I get asked about from time to time.  Here are the kinds of things I am going to talk about here.

What are the best laptops for college students?

What is the best laptop for high school students?

What is the best laptop for basic home use?

Best laptop for business?

Best laptop deals and best laptops for the money?

What is the overall best laptop configuration?

Best laptop for under $500? (Coming soon) – Right now look for discounted refurbished models of the more powerful laptops.

Best laptop brand to buy?

Should you buy an extended warranty on your laptop?

What options do you have for data backup for a laptop?

That list of articles should cover the vast majority of visitors I get to my website.  Most people will find what they are looking for somewhere in one of those articles.  If there are other article titles you would like to see me write about, you can suggest them using my contact form.     I plan to keep these recommendations current.  You can expect that all of the data here is relatively current.

Remember that my advice comes from my experience working as a computer technician.  So, I have seen many laptops come in for repair.  My opinions of them have been biased over the years because of this.  I am a fan of certain brands.  The opinions I offer here are based on that as well as my experience working with computers in general and the opinions I have heard from customers over the years.

Where to start shopping for a new laptop:

The first thing you should do is to take some time to learn about the most important parts of hardware that are used to build a laptop.  Certain parts of the computer are more important than others.  Things like the processor, the amount of ram and the speed of the hard drive will make a huge difference in the performance of the computer.  If you are lacking in any one of those areas, you could end up regretting your purchase.  I will help to explain all of this.

Look at the list of pages in the right hand column on this page.  Those pages will help answer the questions that you have about how to get the best deal on the perfect laptop for you.