My name is Thad and I have been working on computers for a little over twenty years.  Being a computer technician, I am constantly getting asked about which laptop people should purchase for certain situations.  I figured it would be a lot easier to just create a little website about it that I could refer people to instead of having to explain everything from scratch to every person who asks.

I promise that this advice is the exact same advice I give to my own family members and closest friends.

I have been repairing portable computers since laptops were the size of a large piece of luggage.  They used to be really heavy.  They even had little CRT’s (cathode ray tubes) in them.  CRT’s are the screens that used to go in televisions before the days of the LCD.  Then there were those years where the laptops had the orange plasma displays.  Those were the days of DOS before Windows was even born.

So, over the course of the last two decades, I have learned the ins and outs of laptops, notebooks and computers in general.  But that is not all.

I also have been consulting for businesses about their IT purchases for most of those years.  Business owners have trusted my advice on what brands and types of equipment they should invest in to keep their operations running smoothly.

I personally use a Dell laptop.  I chose my laptop because it was an exceptionally good deal at the time.  At the time I purchased it, the laptop retailed for about $1,500.  I got it on closeout for $750 from Bestbuy.com.   Their price happened to be a lot less than I could buy the same thing directly from Dell. I am not particularly loyal to any one brand.  I am, however, loyal to a small group of brands that I know manufacture higher quality computers than the rest.  They all have their good models and bad ones.  I have come to learn that there is not one particular brand that gets it right with every model.

Why I created a website about laptop buying advice?

Because I am in the computer business, I get asked the same questions over and over by my customers.  It takes a long time to explain everything to each one of them.  I like to explain things as thoroughly as possible and to be as helpful as possible so that they get the perfect product for their needs.  As you might imagine, I can spend a really long time with each one of them explaining all of necessary details.

I figured that I could create a website that answers all of the major questions.  Then I could simply tell them to come here for more detailed explanations.  I don’t sell laptops nor do I want to get into that business.  The profit margins on laptops are pathetic.  Still, I want to see my customers get the right equipment for their situation.  I feel that I can accomplish that through this website.

I am really hoping that people actually find this information as valuable as I intend it to be.  If they do find it valuable, I am hoping that they will actually visit some of the sponsors.  I do not control the sponsors.  Google does that for me.  So, when people click on an advertisement on this website, hopefully I will earn a buck or two back for my time spent giving out all of this free information.

So, you can rest assured that the advice I am giving out here is honest.  These really are the exact same rules I use when shopping for myself and the exact same advice I offer to my closest friends and family.

How To Contact Me

I can be reached via email.  The address is thad – at – laptopbuyingadvice.com